Center fire Rifle


This is a high power rifle match open to any caliber 300 Win Mag or below having a MV of 3200 fps or less. The course of fire is listed below and approximately 64 max rounds are needed. All distances will be given to the shooter and will range from 185 - 750 plus yards. The course will require about ½ mile of walking. All shooters are required to carry all equipment with them during the match. Bipods and sand bags may be used.

Match location is at the Central Montana Shooting Complex, 520 Lime Kiln Road,

Lewistown, MT Registration will be 8:30-9:30AM shooting begins 10 AM. Visit >< for additional information.

Entry fee will be $25.00 with 50% payback to the top three shooters.

All shooters will be required to sign a liability waiver before shooting starts.

Stage 1
Cold bore shot at 3” Dia. Between 250-325 yards. Then 2 rds each prone, kneeling, offhand total time 5 min. target size 4-6 inches. 7 rds.

Stage 2
Know your Limits 8 rds max target sizes 2MOA, 1.5 MOA, 1MOA, .5 MOA Prone one shot each one shot each crouching over rest 6 min total.

Stage 3
Barricade 6 rounds max. 2 each prone, 2 each sit/kneel 2 ea offhand 4 min time limit. 150-200 yards

Stage 4
Prone 3 targets 2 shots ea 150-500 yds 6 rounds. Transition to Kneeling over bench, 2 rounds each, time 8 min for stage total rounds 12.

Stage 5
Over obstacles 6 rds in 3 min 400-600 yards.

Stage 6
Prone Long range 6 rds 4 min 500-800yds.

Stage 7
Prone 6 rds mid range 4 min 300-600 yds

Stage 8
LR 6 rds total 2 shots each three targets 200-500...

For more information, please contact:

Fred Picco
Cell: 406.350.0817

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